Pilots and indicators

The Big Data revolution and associated innovations in analytics such as machine learning and artificial intelligence are offering new opportunities to measure Research & Innovation (R&I) activities with more sectoral and geographical detail and increasing timeliness. 

In support of this, the EURITO project (EU Relevant, Inclusive, Timely, Trusted, and Open Research Innovation Indicators) is developing new innovation indicators able to capture emerging trends and changes in the science, technology and innovation landscape in order to inform R&I policy.

To ensure the relevance of our work, we have engaged with a wide range of stakeholders in order to identify policy-relevant questions that could be addressed with big data and data science methods, leading to eight big data pilots exploring various data sources and methods including: 

* By clicking on each of the EURITO’s pilots, we show their specification notes detailing its policy-relevance, the technical considerations (data sources and methods) and envisioned outputs. A high-level matrix outlining the above pilots can be found here.

Having concluded the exploratory phase, we are now into the scale-up phase, where, based on the lessons from the exploratory phase, we have selected four ‘scale-ups’ for additional data collection, processing, analysis, validation.  They are:

  • Theme 1: Emerging Technology Mapping, generating indicators about levels of research and innovation activity in emerging technologies in the EU, and about structural change in those technologies. 
  • Theme 2: New Research Funding Analytics. This scale-up will build novel indicators to understand how research funding contributes to scientific excellence, measure research novelty and map  R&I collaboration networks.
  • Theme 3: Inclusion in inputs and outputs: This stream of work will produce indicators of the levels of activity and configuration of innovation mission fields and the socio-demographic diversity of the innovation workforce in different countries and sectors. 
  • Theme 4: Predictive analysis: This scale-up will use all the data produced in the project to perform predictive analyses of relevant innovation variables. The scale-up focuses on the combination and triangulation of the developed novel indicators and traditional ones, thus helping us to validate our findings. 

An overview of each of the four scale-up themes is available here: 

More info on our preliminary EURITO indicators in the following document

Last time edited on the 10th of September 2018