After more than three years of activity, the EURITO project (EU Relevant, Inclusive, Timely, Trusted, and Open Research Innovation Indicators) is about to come to an end. Therefore, in our “EURITO FINAL EVENT”, which took place on Monday 26th July at 10.00 am (CET, Brussels time) /09.00 (BST), via zoom video-conference, we shared the experience and results achieved during these years.

We showed the results generated in the field of new generation indicators to measure R&D activity in certain areas of great relevance (COVID response, AI, SDGs, etc.), through novel data sources and data science methods, giving the opportunity to discuss the methods we used to analyze and visualize the data, as well as the implications for innovation agencies looking to create value from novel data and methods.

Some issues we covered include:

  • Emerging technologies (Artificial Intelligence) in research and funding databases
  • Diversity, inclusion and orientation towards sustainability in R&D activities
  • Mapping research collaboration networks and measure novelty of research outputs
  • Analysis of the composition of the EU / EUMS R&D response to Covid-19, international benchmarking and influence on research trajectories
  • Monitoring the open science response to Covid-19

After an initial introduction to the project and key findings, there were two spotlight sessions focusing on the methodology, and the organizational and policy implications.


10.00 am* Brussels time – Introduction to EURITO
The general framework of the EURITO project (context, needs (evidence-based policymaking, big data and indicator opportunities, benefits of the project outcomes…)

10.05 am RITO indicators
Presentation of the EURITO R&D indicators (focus on their different RITO dimensions)
1. Covid-19 related activity in Cordis
2. Covid-19 related open science research
3. Cord19 dataset – Covid-19 related publications
4. Covid-19 related activity in OpenAIRE including evidence of impact of EU-funded projects on Covid-19 related research activities
5. AI indicators
6. SDG indicators

11.00 am Relevance, coherence and accessibility issues

11.10 am Organizational and policy implications

11.20 am Dialogue: Policy-making in crisis times

  • Ms Caroline Paunov, Directorate for Science, Technology, and Innovation of the OECD
  • Mr Roy Keesenberg, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation at the EC, Open Science Policy
  • Mr. Bilal A. Mateen, Data for Science and Health Priority Area at Wellcome Trust

* For those interested entities and participants in the technical aspects of the EURITO results and outcomes, these sessions took place to review the details about:

● 12.30 (CET, Brussels time) / 11.00 (BST): Spotlight on: Methodology
● 13.00 (CET) / 12.00 (BST): Spotlight on: Organizational and policy implications

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