Stakeholder Groups

The EURITO stakeholders’ groups

The EURITO R&I Policy Stakeholder group (PSG) represents the interests and needs of R&I policymakers in the projects. It will be formed by senior representatives of innovation agencies and bodies who stand to benefit from the RITO indicators developed in the project – including the European Commission, representatives from national Ministries of Science, Technology and Innovation, other innovation agencies and relevant intergovernmental organisations such as OECD or World Bank. The Policy Stakeholder Group will review progress and provide feedback ensuring that project activities address the needs of R&I policymakers.

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The EURITO Knowledge Stakeholder Group (KSG) represents the knowledge and expertise of R&I researchers and data stakeholders, including representatives from National Statistical Agencies. The role of the Knowledge Stakeholder Group is to peer review the work of the consortium, ensure that it uses state-of-the-art methods generating reliable information for policy, and connect the activities of the project to ongoing research and data infrastructure development efforts, and particularly those funded by the European Commission.

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