EURITO Data Audit Framework (EDAF)

To guide the search for new data, while also allowing for adequate flexibility to explore emergent concepts and ideas, EURITO has developed a data auditing framework, referred to as the EURITO Data Audit Framework (EDAF).

This auditing approach serves as the basis for the development of the EURITO project, underpinning both the conceptual and analytical progression toward the development of indicators that are relevant, inclusive, trusted, timely and open (RITO).

EDAF is presented in the figure below, and consists of four interrelated components:

  1. Conceptual anchoring phase
  2. Basic audit of data sources allowing for an assessment of minimum viability to explore the concept of interest
  3. Identification of pilot ideas
  4. Advanced audit framework to be carried out following the selection of pilots.
EURITO Data Audit Framework (EDAF)

EURITO Data Audit Framework (EDAF)

Figure: EDAF

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Last Edited on Sept 10th 2018