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  After more than three years of activity, the EURITO project (EU Relevant, Inclusive, Timely, Trusted, and Open Research Innovation Indicators) is about to come to an end. Therefore, in our “EURITO FINAL EVENT”, which took place on Monday 26th July at 10.00 am (CET, Brussels time) /09.00 (BST), via zoom…

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EURITO COVID19 WORKSHOP – The use of big data to support policy making (28th June – ZOOM videoconference)

A workshop about the “Use of data science methods to map the research response to Covid-19″  took place last 28th June by video-conference, in the context of the use of big data to support policy making, and paying special attention to Commission-funded research projects and activity in EU member states. Going beyond the traditional approaches…

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EURITO New Data for Research and Innovation (R&I) Policy Workshop (25 September 2018, Brussels)

On Tuesday 25 September 2018,  the second EURITO workshop entitled ‘EURITO New Data for R&I Policy Workshop’ took place, inviting data scientists and researchers (working in the backend of data pipeline and infrastructure initiatives for decision-making) to share ideas about data infrastructure and data pipeline projects to develop the technical aspects…

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EURITO Policy Maker Workshop (17 April 2018, Brussels)

The EURITO Policy Maker Workshop was the first step to identifying the short and long-term needs of the EURITO project’s key target group, the Research and Innovation (R&I) Policy Makers and related decision makers.  As a day-long interactive workshop, more than thirty participants, ranging from senior representatives from national ministries…

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